Winever Semi Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 and located in Hsin Chu City, Taiwan. In 2002, KSK authorized Winever to produce Semiconducting ball valve. In addition, Winever got an opportunity to cooperate with China Hejian Technology(Suzhou) and became one of the special gas piping system suppliers of Hejian Technology. Due to Winever’s hard-working, it received positive response from the customers. Based on the experience of being the supplier of Hejian Technology, KSK believed that Winever could be a reliable business partner. In 2006, Winever gained the additional certification from HMJ, which acquired KSK in the same year.


  Winever Semi Material operates in a continuous process from design to the finished product. As a result, Winever is able to customize and fulfill customers’ needs. In 2003, Winever Semi Material and NIHON worked together to development high ultra purity tube. We used cold rolling mill instead of the traditional mechanical polishing. Moreover, Winever Semi Material was the first company who owned a continuous bright annealing furnace.

  Winever keeps learning and tries to apply the traditional process into to the semiconductor industry. We provides services to diverse industries, such as: semiconductor/microelectronics, liquid crystal display (LCD), Light-emitting diodes(LED), solar energy, petro-refining, power generation, chemical processing, sampling and analytical systems, industrial machinery, scientific research, aerospace, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Our main products are high ultra purity tube(AP,BA,EP), hydraulic fittings, PU hose fittings, Tube fittings, Weld fittings, Quick-connects, Check valves, Ball valves, Needle valves, Union, Elbow, Fluid system components, agent HMJ diaphragm valves, KSK bellows valve, ball valve and other commodities. All of above products are available.

  In order to gain the significant competitive advantage for not only Winever Semi Material, but also customers. Winever Semi Material is still working on creating refined and stylish products, satisfying customers’ needs, providing reasonable price and quality products, finding the best solutions for customers and making on time delivery.